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 26 reviews
by Stephanie on Pet Buddy
Highly Recommend Cindy

Cindy has been taking care of my cats since 2006. Cindy is extremely knowledgeable, reliable and diligent. I am able to relax on vacation or when I'm away on a business trip knowing that Cindy is caring for my pets. In those 11 years that Cindy has been taking care of my pets I had an elderly cat, and a deaf cat--no worries though, Cindy understands and does a great job with pets who have disabilities.

by Beth Singleton on Pet Buddy

Cindy has been been pet sitting for me for about 5 years now. She is so patient with me and all the (dogs/cats) rescues I have picked up over the years, some who I have have kept and some I have found homes for. It is only with Cindy's help that I can have been able to care for my pets with my busy work schedule. She is dependable and has given me some helpful advice a long the way. My pets adore her and I don't know what I would do without her. She feels like one of the family!

by Angela on Pet Buddy
The Best!

Cindy is great! I have a special needs kitty who needs prednisone pills once a day. She always makes sure she gets her medication and always updates me on a daily basis though texts and photos. I absolutely hate having to leave Emma behind when I go on trips but at least I know she is in good hands while I am away!

by Linda Lord on Pet Buddy

Cindy has been sitting for me for about 6 years now--she is dependable, reliable, knowledgeable,professional, loving, and cares for your pets like they are her own! I have no worries leaving home knowing that Cindy will be "in charge!" My animals love her, too! They can't wait to see her when they know she is coming! If you need a reliable and qualified sitter, Cindy is it! She is an exceptional pet sitter, and I couldn't be happier with her services! Thank you so much, Cindy!

by Stacey Moore on Pet Buddy

We are SO lucky to have found Cindy. We were afraid of anyone but family to watch our 2 dogs and would beg relatives to help but finally took the leap toward Cindy through 3 recommendations from others. BIG burden lifted in that she's totally loved by the dogs, can deal with alarm, keys, multiple picky feeding situations and our constantly-changing schedules. She came for a meet & greet before our first time leaving the dogs and hung out until they were comfortable (which was about 10 minutes). My fear was the dogs wouldn't bond with her and what I jerk I was to think that - she's got a way with animals that many people do not, it's a feeling they get and they were SO at ease it made me at ease. She's great, don't worry, just trust and you'll have peace.

by Marion on Pet Buddy
Great Pet sitting!

We've been so pleased with Cindy and her care for our cats. We've had special feeding needs and Cindy always makes sure they are taken care of. I feel good leaving our house and pets in her hands. Thanks!

by Tim McManus on Pet Buddy
Cindy is Awesome!

Cindy is amazing. She comes and takes care of our babies like they're her own. She has had to adapt to our thunder-phobic little girl, and now our diabetic little boy. We have peace of mind when we are gone that they are in good hands. Thanks Cindy for everything!

by Jonda Beattie on Pet Buddy

My son had always taken care of our cats when we were on trips but now I have one 17 year old cat that needs meds twice a day. For the last couple of years Cindy has been the one I can count on to come in twice a day to take care of both cats and give the meds. When we are gone for any length of time she sends updates and even pictures. It is wonderful to be able to completely trust someone to take care of the animals you love when you are away.

by Nikki Sawyer on Pet Buddy
A petsitter you can trust!

My husband and I were very nervous about a three-week trip we took - the longest time we've ever been away from home in one go. But Cindy did an excellent job! She not only took very good care of our kitties, but she also kept in frequent contact with us to let us know that everything was okay. As a pet parent, it's important to have somebody you can trust, especially when you are going to be far away on an international trip, and Cindy was that person for us. We highly recommend her to anyone!

by Tricia E on Pet Buddy
The best

I didn't even know that having someone come to my house to administer my elderly cat's fluid treatment was an option until I was referred to Cindy at Pet Buddy: she's been taking care of my nearly 20-year-old cat for over a year and it's been a blessing. Her rates are very reasonable, she's a great communicator and very flexible when scheduling conflicts come up - you couldn't ask for a better caregiver for your pets.

by Angela on Pet Buddy

Cindy was referred to us by our close neighbors; whose children are their pets. The first time we met Cindy, my 11 year old cat went straight to her and curled up in her arms. That RARELY happens and we were sold. Double and triple checking our requirements was a real comfort as I felt our animals were in great hands (3 Rescued Birds and 2 Rescued Cats). We've used her multiple times and will continue to use her services. She was more than happy to bring in our mail, our trash and make sure the house was safe. We appreciated the daily updates and quick iPhone photos, as our animals are our children as well. Cindy is certainly our GO TO Pet Sitter!!

by Belinda Sullivan on Pet Buddy
Best petsitter ever!

Cindy has been my cat sitter for many years. Very reliable. Have never had any issues, and trust her completely.

by Jen Allen on Pet Buddy
Years of Experience

I have known Cindy for 12 years. She came with a lot of experience to the pet sitting industry. I consider her a top notch mentor and have asked her advice on occasion. She has a lot of knowledge about animals and knows how to build a successful small business, with loyal clients.

by Michelle Webb on Pet Buddy
The perfect sitter

Cindy is simply amazing! My boys love her and took to her pretty much immediately. Both of my kids are seniors and have special needs and she had no problem adapting to their routines and medicine regimens. They get excited to see her when she comes and when I'm out of town, I have no worries that they are getting the absolute best care and attention. Thanks!

by Lisa Newham on Pet Buddy

Cindy is fabulous, no question about it. She takes great care of our dog and really pays attention to him during her visits. We know we never have to worry about him when we are away and can enjoy our vacation. Cindy is also very accommodating and helped us out immensely when we were scheduled to go on vacation two days after the 2009 flooding and didn't think we would be able to go because of damage to our yard and hvac system. She helped us figure how to get our two (at the time) dogs taken care of amid all the chaos and we were able to go. We recommend Cindy wholeheartedly!!

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Having Cindy as my pet sitter is one of the best things about leaving home.  I know she is there when she says she is, and she takes the time to love on my cats while I am away.  I am also comforted by the fact that she is very knowledgeable on pet health from working at a vets office, and she makes sure all of her bases are covered in case of emergency.  Cindy also follows up on her care to make sure the owners arrive home safely, and that everything is OK with the pets after arrival.  I never worry about my pets when I am away.  It’s a great feeling to know someone cares as much as you do about your pets.  Thank you Cindy!

Belinda S. (Tucker)

Cindy has been pet sitting for me since early 2004. Being able to rely on Cindy makes it much easier to care for my three dogs.  I really started depending on Cindy when one of my dogs was battling cancer several years ago.  Cindy’s visits to assist with Jackson’s care and help keep him comfortable were truly a blessing. Today Cindy does regular midday visits for my dogs, Smokey, GoGo and Harold (also known as The Wild Bunch). I’m sure her visits are the highlight of their day.  I know dealing with my three isn’t the easiest job (they aren’t called The Wild Bunch for nothing!), but Cindy does just fine.  They absolutely LOVE her!  I’m sure your pets will thank you for making Cindy a part of their lives.

Jean H. (Decatur)

I can’t say enough good things about Cindy! My two dogs are are an important part of my family and I would rather not travel if I have to board them. The thought of leaving them in a small cage is, to say the least, not appealing. Cindy comes to my home, walks them. plays with them and makes sure they are safe. It’s a service I am thrilled to have available in this area. Not only does Cindy care for my pups, she also keeps an eye on the house. This past Thanksgiving, she called me to ask should she do anything special because of an unexpected freeze warning. I came home to happy dogs and water pipes that had not had the opportunity to burst.  She’s the best!

Suzanne M. (Atlanta)

Pet Buddy is a pet sitting service that I would recommend to anyone.  Cindy does an amazing job.  In the past, with other services, my cats would be stressed when I returned home.  When Cindy takes care of them, I always return to cats that are happy and relaxed.  You can tell that she takes plenty of time to not just care for the pets, but gives them lots of attention and exercise.  In addition, she goes above and beyond for her customers.  Last year, I had to take an international trip while one of my cats was very ill.  She had the creativity and foresight to work with my vet and come up with a plan such that the cat was never alone for long.  It eased my mind greatly to know that my pet was so well cared for and I doubt I would have been able to come up with such a good plan on my own.  She also offers services such as dog walking, bringing in mail, and other little conveniences that make traveling so much easier.

Janiene W (Decatur)

My vet recommended I use Cindy as a caregiver for my two cats.  I’ve depended on Cindy for about seven years now.  She is an outstanding person and a wonderful caregiver.  Recently I discovered on the very day I was leaving for my trip that something was wrong with the nutritional supplement that is important for one of my cat’s eyes.  The gel had turned to a liquid.  I left a note for Cindy telling her to skip the supplement because of the problem.  On her own, she exchanged the supplement for a good tube and gave my cat what he needed.  It means so much to find a caregiver who actually cares.

Doris B (Atlanta)

I was one of Cindy’s first customers over eight years ago and continue to be very satisfied with her services.  My once youthful and rambunctious Black Lab is now an elderly dog and Cindy’s background in a veterinary office makes her very knowledgeable in taking care of her while I’m away.  Cindy is diligent, caring and very astute in knowing my dog and her routine, habits, likes and dislikes. I also like Cindy’s communications and newsletters about proper day to day pet care and do’s and don’ts during extreme weather conditions.  My hat’s off to Cindy and PET BUDDY.

Steve B (Decatur)







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