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Feline heartworm disease – are your indoor cats safe?

Considering the graphic above, most cat owners do not use a heartworm preventive for their feline family members. While cats are not the ideal host for heartworms, they can be severely affected by this disease. And yes, indoor only cats are also at risk. Mosquitos are...

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Pet Dental Health Month – February 2015

Most of us don't stop and think about our pets dental health. February is Pet Dental Health Month and most veterinary clinics offer free dental exams and discounted dental cleanings. Just like with their humans mouths, pet mouths hold bacteria that can lead to serious...

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How can you and your pet lose weight together?

So if you're like most Americans, you made that year in - year out New Year's resolution to lose weight this year! Well good for you! But will you do it? Try this method to stick to your game plan....exercise with your pet! Yes, your pet! They can make great workout...

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Retractable leashes: The dangers to your dog and you!

So you're taking your dog for a walk and he's at the end of his 20-30 ft retractable leash when suddenly a dog, or a car, comes out of nowhere!! How do you safely reel your dog back in to protect him from this unexpected danger? The honest answer.... you...

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Pet Obesity is more common than you think!!

With over 68% of Americans being overweight and childhood obesity on the rise too, is it any wonder that having an obese pet has become the new normal? While there are numerous theories as to the rise of obesity in pets, the figures don't lie! Over 50% of both dogs...

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Holiday Safety Tips for Your Pets

It's so easy to forget that the Holidays can and should include our family pets. What you don't want though is an emergency trip to the vet for you and your pet! We want to spoil our pets the same as we always do, but the holidays bring extra visitors, more food and...

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Can you recognize the signs of bloat in your dog?

Warning signs for bloat in dogs Bloat is a dangerous condition for all dogs. While some deep chested breeds like German Shepherds, Boxers and Weimaraners are at a higher risk, all dogs can develop this life threatening condition. Immediate veterinary care is vital for...

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Is pet insurance worth the money?

Is pet insurance a good investment? For most people the answer may just be no! There are more and more pet insurance polices out there, so look very closely at them before investing your money. And if you do sign your pet up, doing it when they are puppies and kittens...

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Pets are a great form of therapy!!

Pets can provide comfort in stressful situations We all love our pets and we know they offer us comfort on a daily basis, but do animals help relieve stress in tragic situtions? The answer is a resounding yes!!!  Therapy dogs have been used recently following the...

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