Most of us don’t stop and think about our pets dental health. February is Pet Dental Health Month and most veterinary clinics offer free dental exams and discounted dental cleanings. Just like with their humans mouths, pet mouths hold bacteria that can lead to serious health issues for them if left untreated. Weekly brushing of your pets teeth at home can help prevent the plaque and tartar build up that can contaminate the blood stream and affect the health and function of your pets’ heart, kidneys and other vital organs.

Using a pet toothbrush or your finger wrapped in gauze at a 45 degree angle to gently massage your pets’ teeth and gums will help reduce the dental issues that plaque and tartar can cause.  The average yearly cost of preventing periodontal disease in your pet is around $200.  However, the treatment of the disease can be closer to $500. So taking steps to help with preventative care not only protects your pets’ health, but your financial budget as well.


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