It’s so easy to forget that the Holidays can and should include our family pets. What you don’t want though is an emergency trip to the vet for you and your pet! We want to spoil our pets the same as we always do, but the holidays bring extra visitors, more food and dangerous decorations that can all stress and endanger our pets!

Some of the most important concerns are feeding our pets table food that their tummies can not safely digest, toys with little pieces that can be ingested, stress from strangers and commotion in the house and medicines that guests may not know can endanger a pet, so they must be stored properly during their visit!  The ASPCA has very detailed lists for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s in the links below. Please familiarize yourself with this safety tips so that you and your pets can have a safe and happy Holiday Season!

Little dog with antlers in front of a Christmas tree