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In honor of Pet Poison Prevention Week, let’s talk a little about some steps you as a pet parent can take to protect your beloved four legged family member. Many of us don’t realize the amount of sheer “stuff” we have lying around our homes that can seriously injury or even kill our pets. Human medications, pesticides, antifreeze, plants, cleaning products are all potentially life threatening for our pets.

Human medications should be kept out of the reach of children AND PETS!! If you drop a pill, make sure you pick it up immediately. Don’t leave pill bottles out where pets can reach them or knock them off counters. Make sure to never give any human medicines to your pets. Always contact your vet before giving any medicines to your pet. Dosage between humans and pets vary drastically. What a human can take can kill a pet!

The ASPCA Pet Poison Hotline gets over 200 more calls a day during the summer. Since we are outside more with our pets and spreading pesticides and other pet toxic chemicals in our yards and around our homes, spring and summer results in more instances of pet exposure to these toxins. Did you know that just a teaspoon of antifreeze can be fatal for a cat? So make sure if your car is leaking any of this fluid, that you clean it up immediately!

Garden plants and house plants can also be toxic to dogs, but are much more dangerous to cats! Lilies are especially dangerous. And with Easter less than a month away, you should take care when leaving those beautiful holiday arrangements out where your cat can nibble on them. The ASPCA, AVMA and many other pet care organizations have full lists of what plants are toxic and non toxic to both cats and to dogs. They can differ for each species, so be familiar with them. Google them and print out the lists to have handy so you can learn how to better protect your pet! (see the Resource Links listed below)

If you ever suspect your pet has been poisoned, please call your vet ASAP! Responding quickly can literally increase the chance of saving your pet’s life! If it is a weekend or after hours and your veterinarian’s practice is closed, you can call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center hotline at 1-888-426-4435. The call is toll-free, however, a $65 consultation fee may be charged to your credit card.


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