So you’re taking your dog for a walk and he’s at the end of his 20-30 ft retractable leash when suddenly a dog, or a car, comes out of nowhere!! How do you safely reel your dog back in to protect him from this unexpected danger? The honest answer…. you don’t…..because you honestly have no control over your dog when using a retractable leash!!

While there are both pros and cons on the use of these type of leashes, in my opinion and many others, the cons far outweigh the pros!  The dangers presented to your dog include: no control over the dog when they are physically that far away from you, the leashes actually encourage pulling, dropped handles can easily spook a dog and cause them to run away dragging the handle behind them, the long lead line can get tangled on the dog, you or any other object. The increased injuries to both dog and pet owner have consisted of rope burns and cuts to the owner, some as severe as finger amputation, crushed tracheas on dogs when the handle was dragged behind and suddenly caught on something, burns and cuts to the dog and dog fights and accidents involving moving vehicles.

While wanting your dog to have the extra freedom that a retractable leash provides, is that freedom really worth the risks that a retractable leash presents?  That answer really should be no!

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