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Can pollen make your pets sick?

Can pollen make your pets sick? The answer to that question is yes! Pollen allergies can present with similar symptoms in your pets as it does in you: runny eyes and nose, skin itching and sneezing. When you think about it, pets, especially dogs, are out in the yard...

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Help lost pets return home again!

Help lost pets return home again! Microchipping is the safest way to ensure that if your pet is lost, it has a chance of returning safely home again! Home Again pet microchip company now has a way that you can help microchipped pets get back home safely! On their...

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Easter Lilies can be lethal to your cats!

Easter Lilies can be lethal to your cats! Do you just love getting your Easter Lilies and showcasing them in a beautiful vase for hte holidays?  While that's a grand idea, please make sure your cats can not get near them. Easter lilies, day lilies, Asiatic lilies and...

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Cat litter Box Cleaning Tips

How often should you clean the litter box? That is a question I often get asked and have to remind client about on occassion.  We all have busy lives and scooping litter boxes sometimes gets lost in the shuffle.  Unfortunately, cats can develop litter box behavior...

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Welcome to the Pet Buddy website!

Welcome to the New and Improved Pet Buddy Pet Sitting, LLC website! I am very proud to have such a professional and educational website for both my current clients and any new clients out there looking for a professional pet sitter to care for their furry kids! Look...

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