Help lost pets return home again!

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Help lost pets return home again!

Microchipping is the safest way to ensure that if your pet is lost, it has a chance of returning safely home again! Home Again pet microchip company now has a way that you can help microchipped pets get back home safely! On their website, you can register to be a pet rescuer and receive alerts when pets are lost in your area of the country. It’s fast, easy and simple and it improves a pets odds of getting back home!

How many times do you see lost pet flyers on neighborhood telephone poles ?  Or posts about lost pets on Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter ?  Do you really respond if that pet isn’t anywhere near where you live? Most people will not, but with this idea, you can help pets that you are more likely to run across because they were lost in your neighborhood and the surrounding vicinity!

If you find a lost pet, and can safely catch them, most veterinary clinics, pet rescues and animal controls have microchip scanners that will scan several types of microchips. So take the pet you’ve found to your local vet, rescue or animal control and this will help start the process of reuniting them with their owners! Be a hero to your neighbors and their pets, get involved and help lost pets celebrate their homecomings!

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