Easter Lilies can be lethal to your cats!

Published on March 28, 2013 by in Blog


Easter Lilies can be lethal to your cats!

Do you just love getting your Easter Lilies and showcasing them in a beautiful vase for hte holidays?  While that’s a grand idea, please make sure your cats can not get near them. Easter lilies, day lilies, Asiatic lilies and Tiger lilies are all potentially lethal to your cats. 

Even as little as a couple of leaves can cause a cat to go into acute kidney failure.  Immediate veterinary care is vital to your cats survival. Symptoms can include: drooling, vomiting, loss of appetite, increased urination resulting in dehydration after 1-2 days.  Getting emergency treatment for your cat within the first 3 days can mean the difference between life and death. Also, if you know what type of lily your cat ate, please either bring a sample or let your veterinarian know ASAP!

Just remember, the holidays can be fun for everyone, but use caution when exposing pets to potential hazards and poisonous holiday decorations, plants and food! Here’s hoping you and your pets have a safe and happy Easter!


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