If you think you can’t afford that quality, and expensive pet food for your pets…Think again!  In this economy, we all have had to cut corners, but why should your pets have to pay the price?  Talk to your veterinarian about substituting your pets current treats with the more expensive quality pet food.

This way you can go easy on your wallet by buying a smaller amount of the “good food” that you really would love to feed your pets on a regular basis. And your pets get the quality food vs. the high calorie “junk food” that most pet treats consist of! It’s a win-win for everyone!

As always, consult your veterinarian on any changes to your pets feeding routine.  Keeping your vet in the loop helps make sure that they keep current and accurate notes on your pets health! Your vet should always be a part of your pets health care plan and they are a wonderful source of pet education and advice! So give them a call today and help your pets get healthy and stay healthy!


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